Board of Directors

The National Down Syndrome Society is guided by a Board of Directors who represent a broad range of expertise and experience. Our advisory boards comprise internationally recognized professionals who are leaders in their fields.

President & CEO

Kandi Pickard

Board of Directors

Tiffany Barfield, Chairwoman
Carlo P. Frappolli, Vice Chairman
Heather Lavallee, Secretary
Anthony (Tony) J. Gostkowski, Treasurer
Elizabeth F. Goodwin, Founder

Annette Halprin
Bob Siegel
Brandon Gruber
Charles Symington, Past Chairman
C. Mitch Taylor
Debbie Morris
Janet Slaughter Eissenstat
John Cronin
John Short
Lisa Pelham
Mark Johnson
Misty Holmes
Sean Duffy
Thomas Santos
Tom Warner

Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. William Mobley (UC San Diego) – Chair
Ms. Romney Croft (Private Practice Therapist) – Vice-Chair
Dr. George Capone (Kennedy Krieger)
Dr. Jamie Edgin (University of Arizona)
Dr. Elizabeth Head (University of Kentucky)
Mr. Hampus Hillerstrom (LuMind IDSC)
Dr. Paul Moore (Vanderbilt)
Dr. David Patterson (University of Denver)
Dr. Sonja Rasmussen (University of Florida)
Dr. Roger Reeves (Johns Hopkins)
Dr. Stephanie Sherman (Emory)
Dr. Amy Lewanda (Children’s National Health System, Washington, DC)
Dr. Priya Chandan (University of Louisville)
Dr. Laura Mattie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Brian Chicoine (Advocate Medical Group, Park Ridge, IL)
Dr. Robert Siegel (volunteer advocate and DSMIG member)
Dr. Heather Anderson (Ohio State University)