Importance on Being a Self-Advocate

As a self-advocate we must:

Share ideas-

We share thoughts and Explain to people how old laws keep us from achieving our dreams.


Be an example-

We are leaders, champions and role models. We need to show the world what we can do.


Change people’s attitudes toward people with IDD-

We need to end the discrimination that we experience daily, threatens our self-confidence and belittles our abilities.


Inspire/Encourage/ Empower-

We try our best to let other people be aware of the outdated laws and bills that keep us from living our dreams. We encourage people with Down syndrome to speak up for themselves and take action whenever they can by advocating in their community.


Showcase our abilities-

We showcase our knowledge and intelligence by lobbying on Capitol Hill. We show off our talents through the C 21 Pop Up Restaurant. We express our personalities when we work together as a team.


Continue to fight for Acceptance and Equal Opportunities –

Down syndrome does not hold us back. It’s the old acquainted laws and perceptions that do.


As a self-advocate, we continue to let the world see our abilities never our disabilities.