man with down syndrome and his friends

Alzheimer’s Disease & Down Syndrome

 Aging, Adulthood
 Aging, Caregiving, Health

Managing Behavior

Behavior Challenges

 School-age, Childhood, Adulthood
 Health, Education, Aging

Employment and Volunteer Work

Employment and Volunteer Work

 Adulthood, Adolescence

Daughter and mom going or a jog

Mental Health & Down Syndrome

 Childhood, School-age, Adolescence, Adulthood
 Health, Caregiving, Education



 School-age, Adulthood, Adolescence, Childhood

man with down syndrome and his graduation gown

Post-High School

 School-age, Adulthood, Aging
 Aging, Education

Man and woman with Down syndrome hugging

Relationships & Sexuality

 School-age, Adolescence, Adulthood
 Education, Health