Caregiving Newsletter

Through a whole-person, comprehensive approach that overlaps ages, subject areas, and NDSS programs, the Aging and Caregiving Programs will address the needs of adults with Down syndrome with timely and practical resources, materials, and educational opportunities for individuals, families, and caregivers.

Caregiver Newsletter

News and articles of special interest to family caregivers.

Our caregiver newsletter is published several times a year and contains articles and resources of particular interest to family caregivers.

Articles cover a range of topics and issues that families need up-to-date information on such as research, managing care, resources, and much more.  NTG and NDSS partner to bring you newsletters on caregiving. Stay up-to-date below!

View Past Issues of the Caregiving Newsletter below: 

Issue 4

  • Arts and Dementia
  • Space for the arts in aging
  • Benefits of dancing with people with Dementia
  • Self-expression during a pandemic
  • Down syndrome and Dementia

Issue 3

  • honoring siblings
  • Sibling stories about caring for an adult with Down syndrome

Issue 2

  • Dementia-related behavior changes
  • Sundowning: Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome
  • Intellectual disabilities, Dementia, and applied behavior analysis

Issue 1

  • Covid-19 and Down syndrome
  • Medical ethics in a pandemic
  • Creating a routine
  • Temple University Caregiver Research Project

More Resources:

  • The National Alliance for Caregiving has created a new guidebook for caregivers of children with rare and/or serious illnesses. The Circle of Care Guidebook for Caregivers of Children with Rare and/or Serious Illnesses is a comprehensive resource of supports, services, and information that will help caregivers on their caregiving journey.

National Family Caregiver Month

Sponsor logos | NDSS & Voya Cares

November is National Family Caregiver Month

 NDSS is proud to partner with the Voya Cares program at Voya Financial to share a video series in November dedicated to celebrating, honoring and informing family caregivers across the country. Every Wednesday in November, join NDSS and Voya Financial as we raise awareness of caregiving issues, share information about caregiver rights and financial wellness, and support caregivers in all that they do for the Down syndrome and disability communities.  

Thank you, caregivers!