Nondiscrimination in Organ Transplantation Laws & Toolkit


NDSS supports the reintroduction of the Charlotte Woodward Organ Transplant Discrimination Prevention Act in the 118th Congress. The bill is named after Charlotte Woodward, an advocate with Down syndrome and member of the NDSS staff who received a life-saving heart transplant a decade ago. Since then, she has advocated tirelessly to ensure others with Down syndrome and other disabilities have the same access to life-saving care that she did. NDSS supports this legislation because it would prevent discrimination based solely on disability in the organ transplantation process and provides additional legal recourse to people with Down syndrome and other disabilities should they experience discrimination. 

Until a federal law is passed, NDSS will continue to work to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in organ transplantation at the state level. Currently, 36 states have laws in place that prohibit this discrimination:    


NDSS has compiled the following resources to assist those who wish to bring a bill to their state legislature regarding nondiscrimination in organ transplantation for people with disabilities: