Health and Wellness Program Summary

The NDSS Health and Wellness Program offers a wealth of information on the NDSS website to support people with Down syndrome, their families, and other members of the community, as well as clinicians. These resources, created in partnership with clinical experts, include web pages, printed guides, and webinar recordings. Our main health resources cover health promotion, aging adults, Alzheimer’s disease, and caregiving.

Research: Along with the NDSS Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board (SciCAB), NDSS partners closely with research organizations to help families understand the advances in research and how these new findings affect their lives.

Local Affiliate Support: At no cost, the NDSS Health and Wellness Program offers organizations, and the people they serve, support and resources to improve health outcomes for people with Down syndrome in their communities

Health Policy & Advocacy: We advocate for policies that promote equity and access to health care at the federal, state, and local levels