Brandon Gruber Scholarship

Applications are now closed.

The Brandon Gruber Scholarship was established with the goal of supporting self-advocates as they pursue their passion for visual and performing arts.

Brandon Gruber has experienced inclusion and exclusion in school. As a young student, he was always included in sports, academics, and the arts. In high school after a move, he found himself shut out of many opportunities because he was seen as limited and struggled. As a result, he flipped the switch his senior year and showed others who he really was and created his own path thru reverse inclusion and his art. He started his own foundation and sold his art cards to help his classmates afford to attend the winter formal, prom, and yearbooks and college scholarships for students who were migrant or under-resourced.  Since high school, he’s continued his mission and over 700 individuals have benefited from his efforts.

Brandon would like to offer 3- $1,000 scholarships for individuals over the age of 18 to help launch or continue their passion for visual or performing arts instruction. We strongly urge individuals to apply if they’ve never received a scholarship, or are in financial need.

Brandon demonstrates and lives by his motto “Work Hard, Choose Kindness and Be Yourself” in his everyday activities through his interactions with those around him and through his leadership in his community.

Additional Information

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must:

  • Have Down syndrome
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Application Questions

To apply, please provide answers to the following questions:

  • Tell us what form of the arts you are passionate about
  • Detail why are you so passionate about the arts
  • Include photos or videos
  • Include your name, address, age, phone number and e-mail address in your application. Self-advocates may apply for themselves or have someone complete the application for them.


  • Three self-advocates will receive the 2022 Brandon Gruber Scholarship
  • A maximum of $1,000 will be awarded

Application Deadlines

You should complete the application as independently as possible All applications must be submitted by May 22, 2022.


You will receive an email confirmation that we received your application. If you have any questions about completing the application, please contact NDSS at

Past Recipients

2021 Brandon Gruber Scholarship Recipients

  • Easton Reyes– Actor, Singer, Dancer and Model
  • Kayla Snover– Multi-Media Artist
  • Marisa Tellalian– Painter

2022 Brandon Gruber Scholarship Recipients

Hallie McCollum Musical Theater Actress

Ian Dischinger Musician

Abby Reuter Singer