toddler on the first day of school

Printable Education Resources

 Adolescence, Childhood, Early childhood, School-age

down syndrome regression screenshot

Regression & Down Syndrome

 Adolescence, Adulthood, Aging, Childhood
 Aging, Caregiving, Education

Man and woman with Down syndrome hugging

Relationships & Sexuality

 School-age, Adolescence, Adulthood
 Education, Health

toddlers with Down syndrome hugging and smiling at the camera

Sleep & Down Syndrome

 Caregiving, Education, Health

Image of child's feet on a potty

Toilet Training Children with Down Syndrome

 Childhood, Early childhood, School-age
 Caregiving, Education, Health

women with down syndrome stands and smiled at the camera. she wears a pink shirt and has long brown curly hair

Understanding Behavior

 Adulthood, Childhood, School-age
 Aging, Caregiving, Education

Woman with Down syndrome and glasses

Vision & Down Syndrome

 Caregiving, Education, Health