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man with down syndrome smiling in a Hawaiian shirt

21 Pineapples

Nate is 19, and is the CEO of his own Hawaiian shirt company. 21 Pineapples! Nate has been on the radio, tv and has over a hundred gold medals from the Special Olympics. After starting 21 pineapples, he hit one million in sales in merely 6 months. He is also known as the king of TikTok with over 600k followers. Nate was the lead model in this year‘s LA fashion week. He has modeled for companies such as Culver’s. Nate will be featured in a music video that will launch on October 1 for a very inspiring country artist. Nate's success is only beginning, but he loves to share his love throughout the world.

4 Coffee and Grace (profile img)

4 Coffee and Grace

Through Dreamers Merchant Coffee, Grace will have the opportunity to learn independence, self confidence, and to empower herself to be included in society. 4 Coffee and Grace features three Organic, Rain Forest Certified, Fair Trade Dreamers blends which are available both group or whole bean. Visit our website for our coffees, teas and other amazing products!

A Little Something Extra (profile img)

A Little Something Extra

A Little Something Extra was created in 2018, by Anthony and Michelle Norwood, so their son Hunter could have an employment opportunity. Today, there are more than 20 young adults who are trained ice cream experts and work alongside Hunter. A Little Something Extra Ice Cream is truly changing the world one ice cream at a time!

All Abilities Art (profile img)

All Abilities Art

All Abilities Art envisions itself as a business outlet to help Tavrick and other creatively inclined people to be part of the larger artistic and business world. Other artists will be encouraged to join this enterprise and will be able to earn an income in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. We are exploring working with international disability organizations in developing countries. Tavrick uses his many artistic skills to envision and produce one of a kind hand-painted watercolor and mixed-media greeting cards.

allie art (profile img)

allie art

allie art is the colorful creation of Allie Guard, a young woman with Down syndrome from Cincinnati who is drawn to the magic of color. She fills intricate patterns with bright hues to create graphic landscapes, each with unique qualities of movement and emotion. After completing a design, the artwork is either framed for display, turned into wearable art in jewelry and accessories, or added to usable items.

Angel Babies Boutique (profile img)

Angel Babies Boutique

Angel Babies Boutique is inspired to bring more awareness to the Down Syndrome community. This Boutique will delivery limited time only designer T-shirts, Hats and Paintings. Thank you in advance for spreading more awareness and shopping here at Angel Babies Boutique.

Anna's Art (profile img)

Anna's Art

Anna is a unique and gifted young lady pursuing her passion. Creating life expressions we can all relate to represented on canvas, paper and card stock. Check out the many different cards at Anna's Art including the Assortment of Animal Cards and the many different cards featuring flowers!

April's Cottage Soaps (profile img)

April's Cottage Soaps

Hello, I am an artist/soap maker living in in Ohio. About six years ago I began making goat milk and shey butter melt and pour soaps for my family and gifts. I loved painting the soaps and using the herbs from my garden. The essential oils smell great too. I really enjoy making personal soaps for our friends special occasions. Come check out April's Cottage Soaps at my online store!

Ashley by Design (profile img)

Ashley by Design

Ashley by Design, a clothing line by fashionista Ashley DeRamus and her mother Connie, seeks to provide clothing for the fashion forward young lady with Down syndrome. Ashley has Down syndrome and knows how challenging it can be to find fashionable clothing that fits. Ashley by Design was born to address these needs and to help every young woman with Down syndrome feel beautiful!

Austin's Underdawgs (profile img)

Austin's Underdawgs

Austin is serving up custom Dawgs. These are not your everyday hot dogs, but an Austin's Underdawg! Your guests will experience love at first bite! Advocacy, awareness, inclusion, independence and a living wage is within reach in your community. Investing in an Underdawg's Franchise is the first step to meaningful self-employment for your family member.

Beth Ann Margolis (profile img)

Beth Ann Margolis

Beth Anna Margolis (b.1971) is a painter and a poet and has been creating art for over 25 years. Her new book, Paintings of My Life, offers an incredible insight on Beth Anna's world view, nurtured by her personal experiences and gifts of creativity. Her colorful pastel and watercolor paintings, and her thoughtful prose, reflect Beth's bright personality, her sense of humor, and her love of nature.

Blake's Snow Shack (profile img)

Blake's Snow Shack

It started with snow cones. Then it snowballed. Blake Pyron rolled up his sleeves, stocked up on syrup and opened Blake's Snow Shack for business in 2015. Blake's inspirational story has gone worldwide, with national and international press establishing the Snow Shack as a can't-miss stop on any Texas tour. After all, it serves up two amazing things: crazy delicious snow cones and Blake's million-dollar smile.