Voting 2020

Published on November 24, 2020

2020 was a big election year considering this year we voted for the president of the United States, which I think is huge. As the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome, the National Down Syndrome Society advocates for our right to have our voices heard, especially when it comes to voting.


Within NDSS, one of our initiatives is our Down Syndrome Votes program. This encourages political participation by all self-advocates. We partner with Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered also known as SABE on this pressing issue of voting and other political matters that are so important to our community.


People think one vote doesn’t count, but each vote absolutely does count.  Every election matters whether it is as small as a school board election or as large as a presidential election.  Voting is a constitutional right that we all have and should exercise. Getting involved with our Down Syndrome Ambassador program as an advocate or self-advocate would enable you to receive our important action alerts, emails and newsletters regarding our legislative priorities.