Down Syndrome Ambassador Program FAQ

Interested in the NDSS Down Syndrome Ambassador program? Read along for some Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is the DS-Ambassador program?

The NDSS Down Syndrome Ambassador (DS-Ambassador) program is a volunteer advocacy program that gives participants the opportunity to advocate for the Down syndrome community in their local communities and at all levels of government.  

Who can join the DS-Ambassador program?

Anyone who wants to make a difference for the Down syndrome community can apply to join. The DS-Ambassador program is a diverse group of advocates who are self-advocates with Down syndrome, parents, siblings, friends, professionals, and more. All are welcome and it is free to join.

What do DS-Ambassadors do?

DS-Ambassadors advocate for policy solutions and community-based efforts that are beneficial to the Down syndrome community. This could look like meeting with a federal or state official, sharing a resource with professionals in your local community, and more.

What is expected of DS-Ambassadors?

DS-Ambassadors are asked to commit between 2 – 4 hours a month to the program. This time is spent attending virtual meetings and trainings, engaging with advocacy opportunities, and attending the annual Down Syndrome Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C.  

What are the benefits to joining the program?

The DS-Ambassador program provides a structured, unified, and organized grassroots advocacy approach to creating change in local communities and at all levels of government. As a DS-Ambassador, you receive:  

  • Support and guidance from policy and advocacy professionals  
  • Access to resources, training, and development opportunities  
  • A community of like-minded advocates  
  • Opportunities for advocacy!