Group of people hold NDSS sign


Participants in the NDSS DS-AMBASSADOR® Program are volunteer advocates of all abilities committed to taking part in the democratic process and serving as liaisons between NDSS and their congressional delegations. The overarching goal of the NDSS DS-AMBASSADOR® Program is to build long-lasting relationships with elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government to continually raise awareness, educate, and advocate for public policy solutions that benefit the Down syndrome community.

The key objectives of the NDSS DS-AMBASSADOR® Program are:

  • Strengthen and organize the Down syndrome community’s grassroots advocacy network across the U.S. by encouraging more advocates to become active in supporting legislative efforts that are beneficial to the Down syndrome community
  • Be more effective on Capitol Hill by building relationships in Washington, D.C. with Members of Congress and staff
  • Engage more affiliates and advocates to provide valued input and feedback to NDSS


Family stands in front of US Capitol